Electronics Kit 1.2

Mount TB6560
Wire TB6560 to Power Sup
Wire AC Relay
Wire E-Stop
Wire Limit Switches
Mach3 EStop/Limits TB6560
Mach3 Pins/Ports


Electronics Kit 1.2 Instructions


Please note:

The TB6560 driver board is no longer sold by us and hasn't been since mid-2013 due to high number of problems related to this item. The units sold by us where tested prior to shipping and only boards that met our 100% fully functional standard where dispatched. Our fail rate during testing exceeded 60% (100% in the last batch of 10). The most common failing during testing was non-functional limit switches, the next was one or more axis not working. We recommend full testing on delivery.

Support and advice. Over half of all emails received  are in relation to the TB6560 Driver board and it's issues. We will help out as best we can and when we can but we would like to recommend when you have issues (ie. you cannot get it to work) that you contact "your supplier" first as we have 0% financial incentive to support another vendors product.

These instructions. We are quite happy for anyone who has this item to use our instructions and we genuinely hope they are of use to you. These instructions where accurate as at mid-2013 and ask the reader to exercise discretion as the product may have been upgraded or changed in someway since there completion.


Electronics Kits 1.1 and 1.2

Mounting Electrics/Electronics:


Initial setup of Power chassis

Power chassis

Auxiliary socket panel

Power supply

TB6560 board

Stepper motors


DC to DC converter

Cooling Fan

Emergency stop button

limit switches



Wiring Electrics/Electronics:

Setting up the power supply:

1.    Connecting Power supply without Power chassis (straight to lead)

2.    Connecting Power supply via Power chassis

3.    Connecting Power supply via Power chassis with Auxiliary power panel.


Connecting TB6560 board to Power Supply



Connecting Stepper motors to TB6560 board


Connecting Relay to TB6560 board



Connecting 12v DC to DC converter and Fan to Power supply



Connecting Emergency stop button to TB6560 Driver Board



Wire Limit Switches at the Axis



Connecting Limit switches to TB6560




Configuring MACH3 Software


TB6560 Pins, Ports and onboard Relay



TB6560 Emergency stop button and Limit switches



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