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Gantry Kit GEN4 600 Z Axis Assembly
The Z axis is the final stage of your CNC project for linear movements and sits directly on the X Axis drive plate. It will have the least amount of parts and has a fixed height (300mm) - no calculations or measuring will be required.


Once assembled do not attempt to lift your machine by the linear rails or ballscrew assembly. Applying uneven or twisting pressure/forces on your components can bend equipment or brake bearing blocks/mounts.

Avoid impacts by tools and other parts with the linear gear or ball screws as gouges and scratches will impede performance and drastically reduce the working life of your equipment.

Linear gear and ball screws must be correctly oiled before operation.



  Parts Required


Supplied Parts

1 x TrailerArm
Cable Trailer Arm -
Cable trailing arm for the X axis

1 x ZDrive
Z Drive Plate -
Drive plate and spindle mount for Z axis

1x GMotor
Generic Motor Mount -
Generic NEMA23 mount for X and Y axis's


1 x Spacer3
Nut Mount Space -
3mm Offset spacer for Ball Nut mount

1 x Spacer2
Nut Mount Space -
2mm Offset spacer for Ball Nut mount

1 x NutMount
Ball screw Nut Mount -
Ball screw mounting block for RM16xx ball screws



12 x M5x16mm Hex Bolt

12 x M5 Nut

12 x M5 Spring Washer

16 x M5 Flat Washer

6 x M6x45mm Hex Bolt

2 x M6 16mm Pan Head Bolt

20 x M6x16mm Hex Bolt

28 x M6 Spring Washer

28 x M6 Flat Washer

8 x M6 Nut



  Parts to be sourced

2 x SBR20-300 (300mm lengths 20mm Supported Rail)

4 x SBR20UUOP (20mm Open bearing blocks)

1 x RM1605-300 (300mm long Ball screw and Ball Nut)

1 x BF12 Bearing block

1 x BK12 Bearing block

1 x 10mm to Xmm coupler suitable for your stepper motor



  Recommended tools

8mm spanner(s) / socket wrench

10mm spanner(s) / socket wrench


Parts Overview

ZDrive 300

Under Construction


Required/Recommend Steps Before these instructions

X Axis Assembly


A Read Through
It is recommended you give the following instructions a read through first before commencing constructions as some of the information my be important before making decisions about your project or some of the components you are thinking of purchasing.



Assembly/Installation process

These instructions will cover mounting the linear gear and and drive plate for the Z Axis as well as the cable trailing arm.

Images may vary from your actual setup and you will have to interpret/vary these instructions to meet your own needs and accommodate the materials you have supplied and used.

To get the best results you may have to assemble and disassemble parts a few times, this is time consuming but will provide the best results.



Mounting the Cable Trailing Arm

The Cable Trailing Arm will allow you to run your cables from the X axis to the Z and keep them at a distance to avoid rubbing/friction from contact with your machine.

Locate the the Trailing Arm mount points on the X drive plate




Align the Trailing Arm with the mounting points from the rear of the X Support plate with its mounting points orientated to the top. The Trailing Arm should not rest on or be able to come in contact with the X support plate during movement. There is 20mm of adjustment for the Trailing Arm and its final position will depend on the bend radius of your Drag Chain. The Trailing Arm can be adjusted at anytime after installation.

From front of the X Drive plate insert 2 M6 16mm Pan head bolts through the Trailing Arm mounts and through the Trailing arm. Do not use any washers on this side as it will cause clearance issues for the Z Axis Nut Mount.

From the Trailing Arm side place a M6 flat washer, M6 spring was and M6 Nut on each Bolt and tighten.


With the Trailing Arm now installed you should be able to wind the X Axis left and right, as the axis moves the Trailing Arm should not come in contact with X Axis Support Plate. If it does you'll need to raise it slightly.


Mounting the Linear Rails

The Linear rails will support the linear bearings which will then support the Z Drive plate.

First step is to make sure all of the highlighted bolts below are orientated as pictured with flat sides going left and right and points aligned up and down. If these bolts are not aligned the supported rail may not fit over them and make a flush alignment impossible.

Alignment close up. If bolts are not aligned in this manner please adjust them. The Bolt heads will fit into a rebate behind the Support Rail and will not be able to move once the rail is fitted.


To install the Supported Rails, locate the mounting points on the X Drive Plate.



Align the rails supports over the mounting points


Insert 8 M5x16mm Hex head bolts through the rail support and the X Drive plate so they protrude from the rear.


Attach 1 M5 flat washer, spring washer and nut to each bolt and tighten.


The lower nuts and washers will be difficult to attach due to the tight space. If you drop any parts during installation, you must find them as they may end up lodged in your bearing blocks a damage both them and the linear rail.



Mounting the Ballscrew Assembly


Locate the mounting points for the BK12 and BF12 bearing blocks on the X Drive plate. The BK12 points will towards the top and BF12 will be the lowest set of mount points.

These are their positions from the rear.


Align the BK12 part of your Ball screw assembly with the top mounts and the BF12 with the lower.


Insert 4 M6x45mm Hex head bolts in to the BK12 and 2 in to the BF12 pushing through until they protrude on the other side of the X Drive plate.


Attach a M6 Flat washer, M6 Spring washer and M6 Nut to each bolt on the BK12 and tighten


Attach a M6 Flat washer, M6 Spring washer and M6 Nut to each bolt on the BF12 and tighten as well.


To test the fit, hold the RM1605 housing Nut and wind the axis back and forth. The housing nut should not contact any of the Pan head bolts as it travels.



Mounting the Z Drive Plate


Locate the mounting points for the RM1605 Nut Housing on the Z Drive plate.


In the 2 uppermost mounting points insert a M6x16 Hex bolt with Spring and flat washer in to each point and allow to protrude through to the other side.

On the back of the Z Drive plate, place a 3mm and 2mm Spacer on the protruding bolts. Make sure the top bolt holes on the spacers line up with the bolts.


Identify the Z Drive mounting points on the RM1605 Nut housing.

Align the 2 bolts on the Z Drive plate with the top 2 mounting holes on the Nut Housing and insert. Tighten slightly, the housing need to take the weight of the Drive plate but it needs to be fairly loose so other parts can be slipped under it.

Set out 18 more sets of M6x16mm Hex bolts with a spring washer and flat washer and 4 SBR20UUOP bearing block. Have them within reaching distance of the Z Drive plate. Note the position of the mounting points marked with the red arrows, these are the points the Z Drive plate will mount to.

Locate the mounting points for the Bearing Blocks on the Z Drive plate.

From underneath, slide an oiled Bearing block behind the loose Z Drive plate and onto the Supported rail.


Slide this block to the top set of mounting points. Insert one M6x16mm Hex bolt with washers into one of the mounting points. Tighten slightly, enough so the bearing block is held in place by the Z Drive plate but the plate is still loose.

Slide another Bearing block on to the other rail and slide it to the top set of mounting points on that side. Insert one M6x16mm Hex bolt with washers into one of the mounting points. Tighten slightly, again, only enough so the bearing block is held in place by the Z Drive plate but the plate is still loose.


Slide another Bearing block on to the same rail and line it up with the lower set of mounts. Insert another M6x16mm Hex bolt with washers into one of the mounting points and tighten slightly.


Slide the last Bearing block on to the opposite rail and line it up with the lower set of mounts. Insert another M6x16mm Hex bolt with washers into one of the mounting points and tighten slightly.

Insert the remaining bolts and washers and lightly tighten.


The Z Drive plate will have left and right movement to allow for alignment. Centre the plate with the axis and then tighten all bolts to make sure plate sits firmly on it's mounts.




Mounting the Motor Mount



Identify the mounting points on the G Motor Mount that will attach it to the Z Drive plate.


Identify the points on the Z Drive plate that the G Motor mount mounts to.


Align the G Motor mount with its Z Drive plate mounting points.


Insert 4 M5x16mm Hex head bolts and M5 Flat washers.


Attach to each bolt another M5 Flat washer, a M5 Spring washer and an M5 Nut and tighten.


The G Motor mount has some adjustment but it's final position won't be know until you mount your motors






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Next Step

Mounting Stepper Motors (TBA)

Mounting Spindle Motors (TBA)

Running Cables (TBA)

Mounting Limit Switches (TBA)

Running Vacuum Piping (TBA)



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