Mount Chassis
Setup Power chassis
Mount Chassis
Mount Aux Panel
Mount Power supply
Power Supply no Chassis
Power Supply with Chassis
Power Supply with Chassis & Aux
Mount AC Relay
Mount DC Converter
Mount E-Stop
Mount Limit Switchs
Mount Stepper Motors
Mount Cooling Fan
Wire DC Converter to Power Supply
Wire JK02 to DC Conv
Wire DIV268N to Steppers
Wire JK02 to DIV268N
Wire DIV268N to Power
Wire Steppers
Wire E-Stop to JK02-M
Wire Limit Switches
Wire Limit Switches to JK02-M
Wire Converter/Fan
Mach3 EStop/Limits for JK02
Mach3 Pins/Ports JK02-M5



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Mounting the Power chassis

These instructions are for mounting the assembled Power chassis from the previous
step: Initial setup of Power chassis

The Power chassis can be mounted anywhere in your enclosure but it is recommended
it be mounted near the power supply to cut down on the amount of AC wire required.
This will also cut down the amount of objects they pass. This step can be skipped if
you intend to wire your power lead directly to the power supply.

These instructions work for either switch type.




AC Mains Power can kill or seriously injure

DO NOT plug in your equipment while you are working on it



Parts Required









Supplied Parts

1x Previously assembled Power chassis



Parts to be sourced

No additional parts required.


Recommended tools

Appropriate cutting tool for the material your enclosure is made of.



Parts Overview

Power chassis housing

  1. Front plate
  2. Main housing
  3. Rear panel

The front plate (with IEC plug, fuse holder and switch) is designed to be the only visible
 part once the power chassis once it is mounted. The main housing has clips around it
(not pictured) that are designed to work with 2mm or less thick enclosure materials.
It can be mounted in thicker materials, the clips will provide a source of friction to stop
the chassis pulling out.



Assembly/Installation process

Make sure your power lead is not plugged into a wall socket (yep, on every page).

When choosing your mounting point position please consider the following:

  1. The rear panel and associated wiring should not come in contact with other
  2. Any wiring to still to be done will need space for you to work in
  3. AC wires should not be draped over or rest on metal surfaces
  4. The power chassis should be mounted close to the power supply to reduce
    the amount of AC wiring running through your project.
  5. The best position for the power chassis is in/close to one of the corners of
    your enclosure


Mounting template (Not to scale)

Download as .DXF


Installation Process

Once you have selected the desired position to mount the chassis in please cut out
the mount as per the mounting template. Chassis orientation is at your discretion.


Place the chassis over the mounting point ensuring the AC wires are already in the cut
 out part and push in firmly. If your enclosure is made from 2mm or less thick material
you should here a click as the mounting clips expand, you'll hear nothing on thicker


With the chassis fully home the only visible component should be the Front plate (IEC
plug, Fuse holder and switch). From the rear, all the terminals should be visible on the
Rear panel. Test the chassis for firmness of the fit. If it is loose you may require some
adhesive, be carful about using adhesives that melts plastic as this may cause electrical
components to be exposed.



Supplementary Images

Actual picture to show mounting clips



Next Step

You are now ready to move onto the next step:

Mounting the Auxiliary socket panel
Mounting the power supply








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