Mount Power supply
Setup Power chassis
Mount Chassis
Mount Aux Panel
Mount Power supply
Power Supply no Chassis
Power Supply with Chassis
Power Supply with Chassis & Aux
Mount AC Relay
Mount DC Converter
Mount E-Stop
Mount Limit Switchs
Mount Stepper Motors
Mount Cooling Fan
Wire DC Converter to Power Supply
Wire JK02 to DC Conv
Wire DIV268N to Steppers
Wire JK02 to DIV268N
Wire DIV268N to Power
Wire Steppers
Wire E-Stop to JK02-M
Wire Limit Switches
Wire Limit Switches to JK02-M
Wire Converter/Fan
Mach3 EStop/Limits for JK02
Mach3 Pins/Ports JK02-M5



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Mounting the power supply

Mounting the power supply to your enclosure or CNC machine frame

The power supply can be mounted either flat on its base or on it's right side and comes
with 3 sets of mounting positions to facilitate this. Typical mounting is flat, but,
mounting on its side can be useful for situations where space is limited or multiple
power supplies need to be installed. Flat or sideways mounting can be achieved through
using any of the three mounting options. It is recommended this step not be skipped as
vibration or shock may case power supply to move and come in contact with other
component causing a short or physical damage. Not mounting the power supply may also
allow it to move in such a manner that it disconnects from AC wiring leaving live wires
exposed in your enclosure.



AC Mains Power can kill or seriously injure

DO NOT plug in your equipment while you are working on it



Parts Required









Supplied Parts

1 x Power Supply


Parts to be sourced

4 x M4 screw - length to be calculated.

4 x M4 Flat and spring washers (if power supply mounted to vibrating surface)

4 x L-bracket (if "Face mounting" method used)

4 x self tapping screws for L-brackets (if "Face mounting" method used).



Recommended tools

Philips screwdriver

4mm drill bit to suit material you are drilling in to

Electric or hand Drill



Parts Overview

Power Supply

  1. Flat mounting points - for screws to pass through your enclosure and in to the
    power supply enabling it to sit flat against a surface
  2. Side mounting points - for screws to pass through your enclosure and in to the
    power supply enabling it to sit at right-angled against a surface
  3. Face mounting points - for use with L-brackets where screws are screwed
    directly in to the mounting surface of the enclosure.
  4. Power supplies cooling fan vent.



Assembly/Installation process

Choose your mounting method by using the following considerations:

  1. The cooling fan vent cannot be covered and must have sufficient space to expel
    heated air, 30mm or more
  2. The power supply will require a minimum buffer zone of 20mm to all sides to
    assist with the dissipation of heat.
  3. When your enclosure cooling fan is installed it should move warm air away from
    the supply and not toward it
  4. The power supply should not come in direct contact with other components.

Calculating screw length

To calculate your screw length you will need to know the thickness of your enclosure
walls. The screw length is that measurement plus 3mm. For example if you enclosure
had 3mm thick walls, you would need 6mm long screws. If they where 9mm thick you
would need 12mm long screws and so on. There is 1-2mm leeway but screws cannot
protrude into the power supply beyond 5mm as they are likely to come in contact with
internal components. Other factor to add in are the thickness of any washers or brackets
to be used. All screws need to be M4 (4mm thick) and you will require 4 of them.


Mounting templates (Not to scale)

Flat mounting template


Side mounting template


Face mounting template


Once you have drilled your mounting holes to suit your installation method, you'll need to
source your mounting hardware.


Once you have your hardware place your power supply on the surface and line up
the mounting points.


Insert the mounting screws.


Tighten as required, do not over tighten as you may strip the thread in the mounts
on the power supply.



Next Step

You are now ready to move onto the next step:

Setting up the power supply

  1. Connecting Power supply without Power chassis
  2. Connecting Power supply via Power chassis with no additional options
  3. Connecting Power supply via Power chassis with Auxiliary power point option.







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